Our Commitment

Hello Everyone,…just to let you all know…Jeff, the kids and I will be shutting the kennels down for the April break and for 2 weeks in August this year. The exact dates are as follows:
April 14th-24th/2017
August 6th-21st/2017
Thanks so much for your continued support and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

All Boarders will recieve lots of love and attention

Kennels will be cleaned daily

Walks (frequently throughout the day)

Playtime in the large outdoor run

Professional care by a Registered Vetrinary Technician



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  1. Jackie Skinnider says:

    I wanted to say Thank-you for all the information over the phone today. looking forward to meeting you. Much appreciated for the availability for a space for our pup. your website is very informative, and your set up looks so inviting and caring.It’s nice to see that there are wonderful places with a “family feel” still around.

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